About the Book

We are all incorrigible seekers of bliss or joy. Our minds are wired to be happy. At least that is what our modern scientific studies contend. Yet, most of us know we are not joyful. In fact, we struggle most of time to be and stay happy. What has gone wrong?

I have attempted to answer this question in this book. It builds on the informational, computational foundation of our universe developed in the first book of this series, “Road to Digital Divine”. It combines latest science of mind and matter with spirituality; putting forth a new concept of our self, the quantum self. Most of us are familiar with our physical self that we see in the mirror. However, what is critical for us to know, in order to realize joy from deep with in or even simply improving our emotional health is our informational SELF. I paint this SELF as a tale of three minds; emotional, rational and cosmic. It leads to the nature of SELF with two extreme personalities. One, binary, which leads to I, me and mine tendencies and other is quantum that leads to us, we and ours tendencies. Both these are quite familiar in today’s society. The binary information processing leads to egoic entity which is present in most of us. It is responsible for incredible progress that humans have made as a surviving species, but it is also responsible for most of the sufferings that modern humans face today. It dominates today’s human society. The quantum SELF has saint-like nature. It feels love, empathy and oneness with others. It is truthful and always stays in the company of divinity. It is responsible for wide spread altruism in nature and in humans.  With two selves of very different nature in one body, modern humans have learnt the meaning of the word “suffering”. Which SELF will win? Which is our true SELF? Understanding of this fact is not trivial. It is nothing short of enlightenment. In the last section, I explain how the true understanding of our self can lead one to a path of enlightenment. It can make a profound change in one’s perspective. The joy pouring from Deep within is the root of it all.


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