Joy from Deep Within

It is my perspective of the nature of my true-self and the nature of its perceived reality. To most, the nature of reality as understood by our collective conscience, still rests on our perceptual beliefs, conventional deterministic ideas based on Newtonian physics, which has deeply penetrated all aspects of modern human soul and psyche. The legacy of this science is the proposal and reinforcement of self as distinct and separate entity. I am me and you are “you” and we are all separate. We have believed in such proposal for many generations as our senses reinforce such understanding. The science of physics has undergone extraordinary development. The newer findings are radical in nature and are non-intuitive. They present a different picture of the reality that we belong to, and offer a new image of ourselves. The new image is such that “I” is not so isolated from the rest. In fact, the rest is entangled with the “I”, in a manner that cannot be easily separated. This view presents a different model of behavior. For example, hurting others may mean that you are hurting yourself. Stealing, giving, all have new meanings. Helping others is like helping us, and therefore, it feels so good as well.

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